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By- David Schiehsl                                                                    1-Aug-2008

Hey guys This is not really a site update rather then this cool chat box i am puting up so yeah have fun with it guys!


Runescape Player and Founder of Statefandavid.com

Site not Active til next year (Mabe)

By- David Schiehsl                                                                    1-Aug-2008

Hey guys i am Here to inform you that for about 3 months the site has not been active and it might stay that way reasons....

Runescape is no longer in need for a Runescape helpsite so theres really no point because there are so many runescape helpsites that are better and pay so much more money but this site might come in handy one day it might not be for runescape and just a personal site for me or somthing like that. I plan to be a video game designer when i get older so then i might use this site to host my games for people to play or buy.

You got any questions? just contact me at the contact us page (CONTACT US)


Well thats just about it so see u next time i am on or whatever thanks if anyone was active with this site so yeah


Runescape Player and Founder of Statefandavid.com

Sorry For no Updates

By- David Schiehsl                                                                    1-Aug-2008

I am very sorry that I have not been active on the site. One day the site will be done and mabe be a very good site, I can only plan what I can only plan. I have been away most of this summer campling, and vacations I have not had much time to edit this site. after I get 99 firemaking, september: the site will be finally finished with what there is to finish now. Also new layout and new banner, there might be a behind the scenes I am not sure yet.

~David Schiehsl

Updated Page

By- David Schiehsl                                                                    4-Jul-2008

Today I have jsut updated the Old new Vault so that you do not have to see cludder from May and June just click "old news vault" then Months May-June 2008.

The next Thing that will be updated is The whole Maps Section


World Map

Dungeon Map/Guide  

New Page up: Contact us

By- David Schiehsl                                                                    2-Jul-2008

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the contact is page where you can contact staff members. CONTACT US

The Page is Also found at the Top of Any Page in the 3 tabs margin

Behind The Scenes - July

By- David Schiehsl                                                                   01-Jul-2008

This is the part of the site that is based on the Runescape "Behind The Scenes" Published Monthly that is a news letter that talks about the (Runescape)game.  Unlike Runescape's ours is about the updates planed to happen on the site
as well as FTP updates on the game. Please read, on for this Months "Behind the Scenes".

Create a Meebo Chat Room

To Start out the Month Members now can beta runescape 3d and it is rather good.

I just got a new laptop the other day so please be peaent as i transfer the site stuff to this laptop, I will also changing the images to match the new ones so that everying is up to date

New banner will be relased along with many pages to come so hang on tight and please be patenate.

Have a good month and I hope to see the beta soon for all users to be using.

All Other News Articals Can be found In the
"Old News Vault"

























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